Friday, February 25, 2005


Two Men Threaten To Blow Up The Pentagon Because Of Bad Big Macs.

Or something like that.

Chris over at Dangerous Logic has the scoop.

Now, really folks; if all it took to issue a bomb threat was bad service at Mickey D's, wouldn't we *all* be terrorists now?

No salt on the fries? Crash a plane.

No ketchup on the Quarter Pounder? Hijack a schoolbus.

Nine McNuggets instead of ten? Bust out the hacksaw, we're chopping heads.

Seriously folks-- I know a lot of moonbats argue that Americans should ask what they are doing to encourage terrorism, instead of blaming the terrorist's own motivations. I tend to find such talk crazy, like Margot-Kidder-crazy. But perhaps in this instance they have a point.

McDonald's *does* suck. The service there *has* driven me to thoughts of violence in the past. Am *I* the guilty party?

Aren't these two men just voicing the frustrations of millions of Americans everywhere, those of us caught in the spiraling Sisyphean hell of the grill stall?

Huh? What was that?

They threatened to blow up the Pentagon???

Oh. Never mind.

Get a rope.
This burger has too many onions, and they didn't Atkins it for me!

Time to build a dirty bomb! But instead of radioactive material, I think I'll stuff it with Burger King.
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