Friday, February 11, 2005


What The Hell Is Going On Here?!?

I get onto Blogger tonight, and all the fonts and posting arrangements are different.

I read the Onion, and their A.V. Club is revamped.

I check my Lycos account, and all my prior email has been deleted.

All I can think to say is, THAT KID IS ON THE ESCALATOR AGAIN!!!

I'm terribly confused.

Perhaps tonight's episode of the The O.C. was really just a cover for my psychic transplantation into a bizarro world, where the internet looks different, up is down, cats like dogs, and Leonard Nimoy has a goatee.

I'm feeling very uncomfortable right now. Someone please hold me.

I've been reading the Ridge for a while now and I gotta it, man. Never felt the need to leave a comment, though, until now. A Jason Lee "Mallrats" reference? All I can say is, I'd like to invite you into my life as my personal lord and saviour.
Now, now. . . I'm more like a minor deity. Like Cthulhu, but without the tentacles.
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