Friday, March 11, 2005


Blogging Fun.

I've spent the past few hours "shopping" new blogging software.

As problematic as Blogger is, I do envy its simplicity. After a couple of hours messing around with Typepad, I have no idea why more blogging software isn't dumbed down to a manageable level.

Anyways, checking out the Blogger help pages is like reading the New York Times Op-Ed page the day after the Rapture-- everything seems to be going straight to hell lately. Nothing specific to comments, but a lot of concerns over "stability issues" and the like.

So, I'm on the proverbial horns of a dilemma-- I can't find a place to go, but I can't stay here.

I am NOT pleased with this situation, I can assure you.

I hear good things about Wordpress. But I'm not elite enough to be a blogger, so hey.
I chose SimpleHost as my hosting company because SUPPOSEDLY they support WordPress. We shall see...and they also had a REALLY EASY interface (try the demo, you'll see) and tons of tutorials. Again, we shall see...
If you go to Balloon Juice, or Q and O (not sure which) they're setting up a blog support. I think it's something like .blog

I'm nowhere near worth spending money (so I'll be staying at blogger), but I remember seeing it on one of them.

Hope this helps.
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