Saturday, March 05, 2005


Blogroll Cleanup.

It's been a while since I took a stab at cleaning up the blogroll.

Here are a few changes:

-- The Unabrewer has a new address: He's in China, and apparently China doesn't allow Blogger.

Ostensibly, it's because of some "anti-freedom" government censorship, but I think it's probably just a dose of common sense. Because, after all, Blogger really, really sucks.

-- The College Basketball blog is now Yoco Hoops, at Still your one-stop shop for all things March Madness.

-- This was long overdue, but I've added a fine friendly Canadian to the hall of heroes, Mitchieville: So go and visit him, eh?

FYI: Mitchieville must not be confused with *Mitchellville*, which is where the late, great Joe Don Baker kicks serious ass from beyond the grave.

-- You know the gang from their antics over at Ace's, but I finally linked Musings Of A Fat Kid:

Which, technically, is the musings of a *bunch* of a fat kids. Except they're not fat. The internet is funny that way, huh?

-- Hi Sobek.

-- Hi Patton. Your comments aren't working too great.

-- Wuz up, Hans?

-- Rock on, Jordan.

-- Chilperic, get yourself a blog already.

As I said in the email I just sent you (because took its damned sweet time letting me enter a comment), you probably got caught in my spambot trap. Please accept my apologies.
Wuzzup Most Dangerous Blogger in the Blogoverse!

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