Friday, March 04, 2005


Boy, Am I Glad THAT'S Over.

Work weeks like this make me wonder why I didn't join the effin' Peace Corps.

And today just took the cake.

As I mentioned previously, I didn't expect to have to go in early.

Once there, I had to get ready for a day-long series of briefings to congressional staff. Well, not day-long: they were supposed to end by 3:00 pm. Alas, they didn't, running until 6:30 pm.

Ever get that odd feeling, that itch behind the eye, that can only be scratched by jabbing a pen right through your cornea? Yeah, you know the feeling.

Today was chock full o' that feeling.

On top of that, I didn't eat breakfast (although I still managed to buy donuts for the floor. . . I'm beginning to *hate* this Atkins thing), and I didn't eat lunch.

And as I was finally leaving the office, I couldn't find my parking receipt for the garage. Oh well, no biggie; I'd have to pay full price anyways since I parked the whole day.

That is, if I had parked the whole day. . . in the garage.

Turns out, since I came in at 5:45 this morning, I couldn't park in the garage, so I parked in a metered space. . . only to completely forget to move my car into the garage by 8 am, when the meter started running.

Result? You guessed it. . . Frank Stallone.

Uh, I mean, a $25 parking ticket. A wonderful way to cap the day, and the week.

My first act when I walked through the door of my house? A nice stiff shot of this.

God bless you, Sammy Hagar.

I didn't eat breakfast (although I still managed to buy donuts for the floor. . . I'm beginning to *hate* this Atkins thing), and I didn't eat lunchUh, not to sound like a low-carb freak (because I'm not, though I've tried it before), that's not Atkins. It sounds like my first failed run at the diet. It turns out, you've gotta eat, otherwise it doesn't work.

Oh, I know that. Hence why it was a notably bad part of my day.

I *had* a breakfast in front of me, but it was a breakfast I couldn't have, hence my torture.

I managed to sneak in a cheese stick and a low-carb chocolate bar, neither of which did me all that good most of the day. But never fear, I cooked myself a nice dinner.

As for the Atkins thing, I've been on it for two months now. The scale says I've lost fifteen pounds, and I'm down a pants size, but it doesn't look it. The one thing I have to do is join a gym and get more (any) exercise-- problem is, my work schedule isn't conducive to taking time to workout. At least not for another month.

Anyways, first diet I've ever been on in my entire life. . . I'm still trying to work out all the kinks.
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