Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Damn, I'm Tuckered.

Probably light blogging tonight, just because I've been in a day-long briefing, and I feel that if I look at a computer screen for more than thirty seconds at a time, my eyes will cave in faster than you can say "Chinese coal mine."

Since I didn't get to surf around at all today, I dunno what's all that interesting out there, but here's what struck my fancy in the past few minutes:

-- The full trailer for Star Wars Episode III will premiere during The O.C. on March 10th.

I wonder if this means they'll incorporate it into the show at all. Like, show the trailer at the "Bait Shop," the wacky nightclub all the under-21's hang out at in the O.C. Or, perhaps they'll have Peter Gallagher's eyebrows dress up as a wookie.

All I know is, given my love for both Star Wars and The O.C., I wonder if Fox knows just how well they captured my attention.

What's next? Advertising the next Rainbow Six game during episodes of 24? All-you-can-eat Brazilian barbecue during Glutton Bowl? Japanese tentacle porn during Man Versus Beast?

Yeah, that would be awesome.

-- Syria to pull out of Lebanon in "months." Yup, I'll believe it when I see it.

-- The Iraqi judge in Saddam's trial is found murdered in Baghdad.

You may recall that last year the always charming "journalist" Robert Fisk exposed the judge's name in the Independent.

Whether there's any connection or not, no one can say.

Still, it's probably safe to assume Robert Fisk isn't shedding any tears over the man's death.


UPDATE: Turns out it wasn't the judge Fisk named.

To paraphrase Jeff Goldstein, "better luck next time, Robbie."

Syria to Lebanon: "Don't worry, honey. I'll pull out."
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