Saturday, March 05, 2005


Gob-Smackingly Vile.

Those are the only words to describe cartoonist/editorialist/major-league douchebag Ted Rall.

The latest justification: this comic from February.

What was Rall going for here? Humor? Irony?

Or just really awful taste?

Hey Ted, here's another reason why Bush isn't like Hitler: because of this comic you haven't been rounded up in the middle of the night, marched off to a train, sent to a camp, tatooed with a number, forced into hard labor, starved, experimented on, gassed, and incinerated.

Other than that, you've got a great point, Bush is *exactly* like Der Fuhrer.

Thanks to Ace, who found it from Michelle Malkin's site, which I honestly must start reading on a regular basis.

All the kool katz do, you see.

I like Teddy's new title. Instead of Mr. Ted Rall, he should be forced to identify himself as Major League Douchebag Ted Rall -- on all forms of I.D.

Again, the Bush people control virtually every dept of government. If you are ever going to use some crazy-ass power, this is the time.

Plus, its funny.
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