Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I Love My Job. . . I Love My Job. . . I Love My Job. . .

Today's work-generated hell was a congressional hearing late in the day.

The hearing was scheduled for 3:00-5:00 pm. However, about an hour into it the Chairman announced they had to adjourn for a series of votes, and rather than keep everyone waiting for an hour or more until the members returned (don't laugh, it happens), they called it a day.

While on paper this sounds like a good thing, I just spent a month preparing my leadership for a hearing that lasted less than an hour, and after oral statements, featured about thirty minutes of actual questioning.

What a freakin' waste.

What's worse, since the committee only got one round of questions in, their entire second round of questions will now be sent to DoD to answer via "questions for the record," i.e. on paper. Odds are that means close to thirty questions that need to get answered-- and coordinated, and approved, and kissed by the lips of God, and whatever else is neccessary to get them ready to go back to the Hill. All the while, these questions could've been asked and answered in a matter of seconds if the hearing had just went the distance.

So, while I got to leave work an hour earlier tonight than I had expected, I get to pay for it with a couple weeks of bureaucratic suffering later on.

I love my job. . . I love my job. . . I love my job. . .

You love the QFRs. The QFRs are your friends. Viva los QFRs.
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