Friday, March 11, 2005


The Impending Doom Of GarfieldRidge.Blogspot.Com

You know Blogger is bad when the Pentagon generals start saying this.

As many of you are aware, my comments are not working. Why this is, I have no idea. I feed off comments like ticks feed off legs-- I miss them dearly.

If I were to venture a reason why, I think it's because the Indonesian tribesmen brutally enslaved by Blogger tech support have finally risen up, cast off their shackles, and begun smashing the servers with the broken femur bones of Blogger management.

Either that, or I've been stricken with a bad case of technical entropy. For once, it's NOT the Bozoputer.

Anyways, either way, this situation is purely temporary. I've decided to move to a better service. This weekend, if I can fit it in, which I should be able to.

I've been planning for this day for a long time. Like, "planning your underground militia" long, or "stocking your Steven Spielberg rape kit" long. I'm just hoping I pull of the transition smoothly.

The good news is, I've already leased the site name: Alas, some schmuckhead already took, so I can't leave off the dash for savings.

Again, I thank all of my (six) readers for your patience, and patronage.

We will pass through this dark trial together and emerge the stronger for it.

So of course, it'll let me leave a comment now. Good luck with the move.

Mike the dbs
Like Mike, I'm appalled that comments NOW work. It's sort of like me losing a golf ball, and if I give up on it loud enough and within its earshot, Poof! There it is.

Anyhow, that fellow who snagged your domain is, I believe, a resident of Garfield Ridge. And he's done nothing with it in 9 months, so perhaps he could be convinced to let it go?
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