Friday, March 04, 2005


Jogging In Place.

An apology to all my readers.

Yes, I mean you thirty or so people.

You've probably noticed a marked decline in original content lately on Garfield Ridge.

While many bloggers experience periods of malaise from time to time-- it's difficult to always come up with new and interesting things to write about-- I'm reluctant to blame all of my recent blogging sloth (bloth?) on a lack of interest alone.

The predominant influence lately has been my lack of time, or my lack of energy when I do have time. As I've mentioned previously, my busy season at work should only last through the end of March, beginning of April, and then I should start to have some of my sanity time back.

However, what this means in practice is that I don't get to blog during the day at work, which means I'm cut off from the current events of the world. Hell, I'm having trouble even getting to *read* the internet at work lately. I hear something's going on in Lebanon, and, isn't that Michael Jackson guy in trouble again?

Thus, I'm a little cut off right now, which is just about the last thing a pop-culture and current events blogger needs in their life. Hence, my anguish over turning out a quality product day in and day out.

So, again, I beg of all of you: a little patience. These dark days of national decline can only continue for so long before it's morning in America once again. Until then, please bear with me, and my endless and insufferable linking of bloggers more talented than I.

Try a little prune juice for that blogstipation...
Methinks you're being to hard on yourself, by a wide margin.

There are always multiple somethings new to read here, and if I'm at all representative of the genre, we, your public, feel we're getting quite a fair value for our money.

Oh, wait...
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