Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Know Your Audience.

I post a long thought out contemplation on the matters of life, death, and religion, and I get two replies-- one comment, one email. (BTW, thanks for those thoughts!)

However, I post about an industrial chicken vaccuum, and I get six comments.

I guess I should reconsider what you, the readers, want to read.

In the spirit of this reconisderation, I give you. . . ALF BEATINGS.

Garfield Ridge. Your #1 source for ALF beatings since 2004.

Part of the problem is that blogger sucks. Sometimes it can take 2-3 minutes to get to the leave comment page, sometime just 30 seconds like this time, and I've got a cable modem. It must really suck for dial up. I'm sure some people wanting to comment just say "screw it" and go check out some other site when they get tired of waiting.

Mike the DBS
This I know Mike. I'm working on it.
The Alf video reminds me of when losers beat and burn effigies of people that would kick their asses in real life. The real Alf would kick that boy in the nuts then eat his kitten.

yes, I know Alf isn't real, but that not the point now is it?


Don't get me started on communists either.

Mike the DBS
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