Tuesday, March 08, 2005


A Request For Help.

Readers, I want to move off of Blogger.

I'd like to get onto something a bit more. . . stable. Yet still easy to use, from both a blogger and reader perspective.

Monday was the last straw-- it took me forever to get access to my page to make an entry. I actually had plenty of time to post on Monday, but because of technical difficulties, I just couldn't get anything done.

What I'm looking for from you, the readers, are suggestions for blogging software/services that can meet my needs. Aside from Blogger, and a short stint on Ace's Moveable Type, I have no experience with any other blogging service.

Here's what I'm looking for:

-- Low cost. Free would be ideal, but I'm willing to pay a modest sum in return for quality. I'd rather not pay a monthly fee for hosting-- just a yearly price that delivers guaranteed service.

-- Template friendliness. I suck at HTML, as you are all aware. I want a service that keeps out of the way when I build a page. I'd also like a service with responsive and helpful technical support that actually answers my questions if I get into trouble with something really stupid.

-- Blogging friendliness. It's got to be easy to access to post. It has to have basic functionality; *at least* everything Blogger has.

For comparison, two things I did not like about Moveable Type was the lack of an in-post spellchecker (if there was one, I couldn't find it), and the inability to uniquely date & time stamp your posts (again, I couldn't find it). I'd like both.

I'd also like integrated automatic trackbacks, and selectable post expanding.

-- Picture friendliness. I want to be able to post pictures without hassle. I'm okay uploading pictures to a third-party server, but I just need it to be quick, quick, quick. As it stands, Hello is a pain in the ass for me.

-- Reader friendliness. Fast loading, quick surfing. Easy, customizable comments that pop up quickly.

-- Did I mention cost?

Anyways, if you all have some suggestions, I'd love to hear from you. I won't make any promises for my eventual move off of Blogger-- it may be a month or two-- but unless I'm convinced that I'd be no better off somewhere else, my departure is probably inevitable at this point.

Much obliged!

powerblogs.com - hosting starting at $5.00 a month and I think everything you asked for.
Thought about TypePad? They do Movable Type hosting for $4.95 a month, and everything I've heard has been great.
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