Friday, March 04, 2005


Sci-Fi Channel Passes On Dr. Who.

Let me state for the record that I have absolutely no love for Dr. Who. I never could get into it.

One, it was British. Two, it was usually in black & white (yes, I'm dating myself). Three, the effects made Thunderbirds look like Team America. Four, every plotline took something like 33 episodes to resolve-- this was well before 24 made it cool to like serialized programming. Five, the most evil of bad guys looked like vibrators festooned with pleasure bumps.

Now, I must admit, I've feigned interest in Dr. Who before. Once, to be friendly with this older, incredibly geeky kid who lived down my block, who I swear was a dead ringer for a walking version of a very ALS-stricken Stephen Hawking.

And a second time, because in the fifth grade Guinevere Murphy said that was her favorite show, so I figured I'd pretend to like it in order to get her to notice me. That didn't work, but no worries-- staring at a girl all through lunch like Greg Norman eyeing a gimme putt did the trick.

Anyways, that all said, I agree with Joe over at Digressions from the Omniverse: How could the Sci-Fi Channel pass over a guaranteed property like Dr. Who, when they make great entertainment like the Mimic-ripoff Mansquito instead?

Joe forgets my recent favorite Sci-Fi Channel original movie, Chupacabra: Dark Seas, starring John Rhys-I'll-Kick-Noam-Chomsky's-Ass-Davies.

Now, *that's* entertainment!

Oh well. Sorry for all you Dr. Who fans. And Gwen, wherever you are.

The SciFi channel disappoints me on a regular basis. Some of their movies don't suck out loud, Dog Soldiers comes to mind, but they are few and far between. Likewise I thought their decision to cancel Farscape and stop running the Babylon 5 reruns was as bone-headed as can be. Battlestar Galactica suggests that they are trying to make up for gutting their space shows and for running stuff like plumbers who moonlight as ghostbusters and whatnot.
Agreed. I just thank the lucky stars that BG is such a huge hit that they can't even be *tempted* to cancel it anytime soon.

For if they did that, I would take a flamethrower to their corporate headquarters.

I am not kidding. Flame. Flame. . . thrown.

I mean it.
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