Thursday, March 03, 2005


Supreme Justice.

Funny WaPo article today ("free" registration required; schmucks) on the recent Supreme Courty decision determining that foreign agents recruited by American intelligence agencies do not have the right to sue in American courts, because the interest of keeping the espionage activity secret is more compelling than the interest of the parties to the lawsuit.

I say funny, if only because you have to love how the 9-0 decision, written up by Chief Justice Rehnquist, slaps down the loonytune 9th Circuit, where the case originated from:
But yesterday, the Supreme Court said that the 9th Circuit was "quite wrong" and that the 1876 ruling, Totten v. United States, was a broad one, intended to forbid all claims against the government stemming from clandestine espionage agreements.
That sums it up: "The 9th Circuit-- quite wrong."

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