Thursday, March 10, 2005


That Star Wars Episode III Looks Pretty Crappy.

Didya see that trailer on Fox tonight? Man, I really hope there's a J-Lo movie opening against it.

Worst. Trailer. Ever.

I mean, c'mon-- who wants to see lightsabers? Or wookies? Or epic space battles?


The thing looks like an effin' fan film. I keep waiting to see the Star Wars kid show up and start jumping around like he's on PCP.

I think I'll stay home. I'll stay home and watch Lifetime, television for women.



Anyone still here?

I think I just had a Star Wargasm tonight. I've got a full load of bantha poo-doo in my wampa, and my probot is at full wookie.

Yeah, I know-- the trailer is never indicative of what the movie will be. I know, the trailers for Episodes I and II were outstanding too, and we all know how that turned out.

But c'mon. . . Jedi! Getting killed! By one pissed off Ian Fucking McDiarmid!

I really don't want to be suckered in, but boy oh boy, can that Lucas cut a trailer or what?

Excuse me, I need to go play with my lightsaber now.

Did you see these?

Dead Jedi, Yoda gets his ass handed to him, Wookies and lots of explosions? What more could I ask for?
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