Saturday, March 12, 2005


This All Looks So Much Easier In The Movies.

I spent most of Friday night building a Typepad template.

It looks like a blind 3-year old painting Vermeer.

I really don't understand why they make template design so hard. Unless I'm missing something, it's either "Use one of our *FOUR* boring pre-fabricated templates with minimal abilities to modify them!" or "Dive into the most horrifying CSS hell you can possibly imagine."

I bash Blogger, but if I want to change my template, it's all on one page, with instant previews, and I can figure most things out via trial and error. Again, unless I'm missing something, Typepad splits up everything into separate sections like "Style," "Sidebar," etc., and I can't figure out their relation to anything. And if I want to change something, I have to create an advanced template, which renders all the "easy" Typepad functionality moot.

Again-- I'm not Jennifer, with her multiple fashionable stylish superdooper skins and setups.
I don't do HTML. I look at this stuff, and I'm clueless. I've been looking at this stuff for over six months, and I'm still clueless. It's like learning Japanese from a Belgian chicken.

I also looked at Wordpress, but I'm terribly intimidated by independent blog-hosting services. Just give me one stop shopping, in English, not Engrish, people.

I admit it-- I'm a noob. I want to run with the big dogs in the blogging world, but it's cold, and there are wolves after me.

Arrrggghhhh. . . frustration. . .

Hrrrmmm...seems we are having some of the same blogging issues. I am going with WordPress, but as soon as I downloaded it, the very first step in installation made me practically cry. I know once I get through that, it will be worth it, right? Sigh...
What went wrong, Brenda?

I love WordPress and the theme switcher in 1.5 is a great way to rip off great designs made by people who know what they're doing.
I'm a spaz. I can't figure out the very first step in the process...something about inserting my database connection something or other. I have to wait until I get my website up (via new hosting company) and then I can get it from there? Very confused...
Dave --

I'd be glad to help you get your templates up and running later this weekend. If you want, you can use any of Blogger's templates too -- it's just a matter of copying them and pasting them (with a few small adjustments) into Typepad.

Get me at matt -at-
Brenda, I just remembered I've never done the install from square one. My hosting company allows it to be installed through the Fantastico installer, so it's just a couple clicks.
Nathan, or anyone else, how proficient are you with Wordpress? I have just installed it via Fantastico, and since then, I've been having trouble importing my Blogger files into Wordpress. My hosting company doesn't seem to be proficient with importing from Blogger either.

Dave, I'm with you, it's a big pain!
Also, it seems to take forever to post comments on this blog.

You have to create a mysql database for wordpress to write to and create the tables. You have to do that on the server side , where ever you are hosting your domain. you will creat the database, giving it a name and create a user and pass for your self all that goes into the config file for wp. Once that is done you just run the install and it should do great. You have to have the database though.

if you haven't created that, then you can try to install all day and it isn't going to happen.
Dave, quit being a pussy. Independent blog hosting is a breeze. WP on an independent server plop in a few pre made skins and you are done.

There are no monkeys or apes involved, it is safe.

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