Wednesday, March 09, 2005


The Tiger Is Evil.

While on the Hill today, just outside the Capitol South Metro stop, everybody's favorite political whack-jobs were out in force.

Yup, you guessed it: LaRouche cultists.

These guys (and gals!) have always been personal favorites of mine. Stalking bookstores, food courts and Metro stops everywhere, the loyal laypeople of Lyndon LaRouche are politics' version of Scientologists. Any time you run across one, you're all but guaranteed a hearty laugh.
"Read about how America's enemies will crash our economy in 2005!"
"Wow. Really? Are you sure?"
"Yes, our enemies are preparing to strike."
"You mean Al Qaeda?"
"No, our real enemies."
"Oh, you mean, like, communists?"
"No, not communists. Our *real* enemies-- the British."
The LaRouche folks harken back to a kinder, quainter time, when our political quacks warned of banking schemes, secret societies, and the Trilateral Commission.

You go to some A.N.S.W.E.R. protest, and it's all crude BushHitler imagery parroted by Women's Studies dropouts who get real pissy when they're not hepped up on their free-trade coffee fix.

But the Lyndon LaRouche supporters-- they've got style. Why, any anti-American lout can compare George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. It takes *real* panache to compare George W. Bush to Augusto Pinochet.

Also, they sure can write. Nobody understands what the hell it is they're writing about-- it's all beamed into their heads direct from Xenu-- but it's incredibly well-constructed bullshit, like the best bullshit I ever shoveled in poli-sci class. The first taste's free:
The ugly truth that most people today do not want to face about 20th-century Nazism and Fascism is that, before there were the populist demagogues, the Hitlers and the Mussolinis, there were the "liberal" bankers, who demanded, under financial collapse conditions, that the bankrupt banks be saved at all costs. The Storm Troopers and the concentration camp kapos came later. They were the enforcers of the fascist policies, dictated, top-down, from such institutions as the Bank for International Settlements, through the actions of three-piece-suited bankers. Hjalmar Schacht was one leading example. So was Count Volpi di Misurata, who served as the Finance Minister and the Svengali behind Mussolini, on behalf of an Anglo-Venetian financier oligarchy. Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman, New York Federal Reserve chairman Benjamin Strong, Wall Street bankers Averell Harriman and Prescott Bush, Sr., along with the Directors of J.P. Morgan, were all among the central bankers and private financiers who contributed their cash and their political muscle to impose Nazism and Fascism on Europe, and drive the world back to war and chaos, for the second time in the century.
So far, so good, even if they don't know how to hit the return button. But what I wonder is, who is the evil mastermind behind all of this, the wanna-be Hjalmar Schacht we must all fear?

Yup, you guessed it-- George "The Tiger" Shultz:

So, today, George Shultz, the wanna-be Hjalmar Schacht of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, peddles the identical fascist austerity policies, under even more severe conditions of imminent collapse of the present, hopelessly bankrupt world financial system—the post-Bretton Woods floating-exchange-rate system that Shultz, personally, helped create.

And Shultz, like Germany's Schacht and Italy's Volpi, has chosen his populist demagogues, to sell fascism to a desperate and increasingly irrational population. It is no secret that Shultz was the behind-the-scenes architect of the George W. Bush Presidency, hand-picking his core team of campaign advisors, the so-called "Vulcans," and placing trusted longtime collaborators, like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, and loyal protégés like Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, and Elliott Abrams, in key White House and Administration posts. But even Shultz knows that G.W. is, at best, a transitional figure, whose Presidency was "made" by the events of Sept. 11, 2001.
Even Shultz know this? Who else knows this? Does the RNC know this? Who else is planning for George W. Bush's transition?!?

The LaRouche folks sure are. . . and they're worried about someone even more evil than George Schulz.

Yup, you guessed it-- Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shultz's hand-picked future Führer, with real-live Nazi blood flowing through his veins, is California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. While Bush flubs his lines and increasingly loses his composure, even in front of pre-screened adoring audiences of fundis and rightwing Republican shills, as he peddles the looting of the Social Security Trust Fund, Hollywood action-hero and former steroid-popping Austrian bodybuilder Schwarzenegger is just the kind of demagogue that Shultz and company are looking to in the near future. California is the test case for the real thing, and George Shultz has inserted himself as the chief of Governor "Arnie's" economic hit team, just as banker Schacht stepped back into the government, once Hitler was installed in power.
I'm glad they highlight that Scwarzenegger has "real-live Nazi blood flowing through his veins." That's important, becuase you can't possibly be Fuhrer without Nazi blood.

In fact, I thought you couldn't be Fuhrer unless you were the Fuhrer. Didn't they have some project like that a few years back?

Anyways, I apologize for quoting liberaly from our tinfoil-wearing LaRouche friends. Using LaRouche humor is like drinking $1.99 champagne to get drunk, or masturbating to Adam & Eve mail order catalog ads: it'll do the trick, but you'll regret it later.

But still. . . it's just sooo easy to poke fun at these guys.

Okay, one more, from before the election:
A Sept. 21 meeting of the Nader-Camejo Presidential campaign at Northeastern University in Boston, was the scene of a confrontation which exposed the Naderites as the fascist "beast-men" they are. Under questioning from representatives of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), Vice Presidential candidate Peter Camejo, a Wall Street speculator and veteran of the Socialist Workers Party, started raving, and ordered his goons to physically attack and drag out LYM member Nick Walsh, scratching, kicking, and nearly strangling him in the process.

As violent as the suppression of dissent by the Naderites, was the attack by Camejo and his sidekick Dedric Muhammad (a self-described former aide to Al Sharpton) on the Kerry campaign, and, de facto, in defense of President Bush!

Anyone who doubts that the Nader operation is a left-synarchist fascist operation, in support of the very same genocidal program as the Cheney-Bush regime, should read this report carefully.

Man, quoting this stuff is like snorting high-grade China White off the ass of a Bangkok hooker.


"Man, quoting this stuff is like snorting high-grade China White off the ass of a Bangkok hooker."

You, sir, have a way with imagery. I'll be chuckling about that one for a few hours.
Interesting that the Larouchists play the same game as the Naderites do with the Democrats, the "Democrats and Republicans are the same, man!" Not surprising, but it is interesting.

Maybe it is just my love of blood sports coming through again, but I'd love to see Larouche and Nader square off in a pay-per-view debate. Course, having the two in such close physical proximity may cause a tear in our reality, allowing for extra-dimensional demons to invade Earth, but those are the risks you take for good television
Chilperic, you're messing with forces you can't possibly comprehend.
When 700+ billion and growing trade deficits. Massive outsourcing of jobs, income and production outside the US. And a massive financial panic coming likely in 06 who is the one living in dreamland? Just reember this when the shit hits the proverbial fan and see how smart and superior you feel then. You are Oh so f**king brilliant and politically knowlegeable. If we actually had economist and business schools which had any knowlege of business, economics or history we would not have gone from being the most advanced economy on the planet into a bankrupt country adn train wreck waiting to happen.
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