Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Using Body Language To Get People Out Of Your Office.

A lot of practical suggestions here, like this one:
The Stand

This is a powerful classic. Sometimes you've just got to get someone out of your office/cubicle so you can resume your solitare game. When other tactics fail, turn to The Stand. It's simple to implement. Just stand up. Take it easy, though. Too fast and you look like you're about to rush to the restroom. Too slow and you look like you're stretching your legs. No need to say anything upon rising. Just stand. If you're cramped for space when you stand up, don't give in--they'll move. Often they'll just say so long and be gone. If they don't take the hint, place your hand on the door to your office, or the edge of your cubicle opening. If all else fails, take advantage of their need to draw a breath and say, "Well, thanks for stopping by."
Personally, I find The Stand works even *more* effectively when you loosen your belt before you get up.

The moment I drop trou, ain't nobody sticking around MY desk.

Hehehe, very funny Dave.
That's a good idea, i've seen some people are using trash-talk to people to get them out, but, in your concept, i think it will not seriously hurt their feelings.


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